[Rd] Rprofile.site assignments occur in base package (PR#2448)

bert_gunter@merck.com bert_gunter@merck.com
Mon Jan 13 16:23:17 2003

Not sure whether this is a feature or bug -- but it does not appear to be

R1.6.1 on Windows NT 4.00.1381

Objects assigned in the Rprofile.site file (e.g. foo<-'something') are put
into package:base not .GlobalEnv on startup. Objects assigned in the
.Rprofile file are put into .GlobalEnv. This doesn't seem consistent to me.
The objects exist in base only for the duration of the session -- they are
not written permanently (of course). Anything in the (saved) .GlobalEnv will

The workaround(?) is trivial: source() in a file with the assignments in the
Rprofile.site file. Assignments in the sourced file are done in .GlobalEnv.

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