[Rd] weird breaks in hist (PR#2431)

reinhold.koch@unibas.ch reinhold.koch@unibas.ch
Wed Jan 8 16:07:06 2003

Thanks for the details of this feature,

I wanted all values been treated equally. I now achieved this through

hist(1:4, br=0:4,include.lowest=F)

> > hist(1:4)
> >
> > always merges up the first two columns,
> Why is that wierd?  You requested three bins and that's what you got.
> (If you didn't know you had done that, please read the help page.)

In the help pages I could not find this; the default bin number
algorithm nclass.Sturges gives for 1:3 3 bins as a result, but hist(1:3)
draws 4.