Thoughts about Cygwin ?

Peter Dalgaard BSA
11 Sep 2002 09:36:39 +0200

"Dirk Eddelbuettel" <> writes:

> Xemacs/ESS, my work is fairly OS-agnostic. Every now and then, however,
> I feel that it would be nice to have R behave under Cygwin just like it
> does under Unix/Linux.  Anybody else here who feels the same?  I don't
> think I have the stamina, or for that matter windows/cygwin knowledge, 
> to spawn a port, but I would be happy to collaborare as I can with test,
> hacks etc pp
> If there is no demand, just tell me to crawl back under my stone. No
> hurt feelings. I should be using Debian here anyway... 

You might be a bit alone there, but on the other hand, cygwin and the
autotools are meant to play nicely with each other, so what happens if
you just try? I'd expect that you'll get a few hiccups from things
like #ifdef Win32 implying !Unix but most should compile cleanly. (I
believe I had configure+make working under Cygwin about 4 or 5 years
ago (no X11, obviously), but "lots of water has been passed under the
bridge" since then).

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