make check fails with -march=i686 on gcc 2.96 (PR#2296)
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:21:41 +0100 (MET)

The top-level 'make check' fails on Red Hat Linux 7.3 (fully patched 
as of Nov. 15, 2002) when CFLAGS includes "-march=i686". In 
particular, the following targets fail:

* test-Reg
* test-Examples
* test-Ts

The workaround is not to use "-march=i686". Specific stuff below, and
I'd be happy to provide any files or fragments thereof that'd help.

The failure does not occur

a) when the configure script is allowed to generate the optimization
   flags all on its own:

b) using Red Hat 8.0 with gcc 3.2 and glibc 2.2.93 (even with 
   -march=i686 specified)

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| Oregon Health & Science University      |                  USA |

System info:

* gcc 2.96 (rpm: gcc-2.96-113)
* libc 2.2.5 (rpm: glibc-2.2.5-42)
* kernel 2.4.18 (rpm: kernel-smp-2.4.18-17.7.x)
* 2 x Pentium III (Coppermine)

[heinlein@pecos R-1.6.1]$ CFLAGS='-O2 -march=i686' ./configure \
>> --prefix=/usr --with-gnome
R is now configured for i686-pc-linux-gnu

  Source directory:          .  
  Installation directory:    /usr

  C compiler:                gcc  -D__NO_MATH_INLINES -mieee-fp -O2 -march=i686
  C++ compiler:              g++  -mieee-fp -g -O2
  Fortran compiler:          g77  -mieee-fp -g -O2

  X11 support:               yes
  Gnome support:             yes
  Tcl/Tk support:            yes
  Readline support:          yes

  R profiling support:       yes
  R as a shared library:     no

  Recommended packages:      yes

[heinlein@pecos R-1.6.1]$ make
... everything ok ...
[heinlein@pecos R-1.6.1]$ make check
make[4]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/R-1.6.1/tests/Examples'
collecting examples for package 'base' ...
make[5]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/R-1.6.1/src/library'
 >>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'base'
     Formats: text example 
make[5]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/R-1.6.1/src/library'
running code in 'base-Ex.R' ...make[4]: *** [base-Ex.Rout] Error 1
[heinlein@pecos R-1.6.1]$ cd tests
[heinlein@pecos tests]$ make test-Reg
running regression tests
make[1]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/R-1.6.1/tests'
running code in 'reg-tests-1.R' ...make[1]: *** [reg-tests-1.Rout] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/R-1.6.1/tests'
make: *** [test-Reg] Error 2

Other test targets succeed: test-Packages (one warning about
undocumented code object 'plot' in methods), test-Internet,
test-Lapack, test-Nafns, test-Postscript, test-Random, test-DocArgs,
test-DocStyle (with some warnings), test-FF, test-Methods.

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