[Rd] understanding and resolving seg faults

Clayton Springer csprin@brandybuck.ca.sandia.gov
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 20:55:14 -0700

Dear r-devel,

I am mutating rpart to do calculations on trees.
I am trying to extract information from the tree.

However, I got a seg. fault.

This is the offending line in "rpmatrix.c":  

            deltaI[0][0] = spl->improve;

(Commenting it out cures the seg fault)

I would like some advice on how to debug this.  I have allocated memory
with calloc and deltaI[0][0] should be OK, but apparently not.

thanks for your help,

For those that don't have structure of rpart drilled into their brain:

deltaI is declared in "rpmatrix.c":

void rpmatrix(struct node *me,  Sint *nodecount,   Sint *splitcount,
              Sint *catcount,   Sint *numcat,      double **dsplit,
              Sint **isplit,    Sint **csplit,     double **dnode,
              Sint **inode,     double **deltaI,      int id)
rpmatrix is called by "s_to_rp.c" where

ddeltaI is a pointer from an ALLOC call:
void s_to_rp2(Sint *n,         Sint *nsplit,    Sint *nnode,     Sint *ncat,
              Sint *numcat,    Sint *maxcat,    Sint *xvals,     Sint *which,
              double *cptable, double *dsplit,  Sint *isplit,    Sint *csplit,
              double *dnode,   double *deltaI,  Sint *inode)

    double   **ddeltaI; /* declaration of ddeltaI */

        ddeltaI = (double **) ALLOC(rp.num_y * rp.num_resp, sizeof(double ));
    rpmatrix(tree, nnode, nsplit, ncat, numcat,
                    ddsplit, iisplit, ccsplit, ddnode, iinode,ddeltaI ,1);

s_to_rp2 is called rpart.s

    rp    <- .C("s_to_rp2",
                       as.integer(cats *!isord),
                       which = integer(nobs),
                       cptable = matrix(double(numcp*cpcol), nrow=cpcol),
                       dsplit =  matrix(double(1),  nsplit,3),
                       isplit =  matrix(integer(1), nsplit,3),
                       csplit =  catmat,
                       dnode  =  matrix(double(1),  nodes, 3+numresp),
                       deltaI =  matrix(double(1),  nodes, nsplit),
                       inode  =  matrix(integer(1), nodes, 6))


Clayton Springer, Ph. D.
Sandia National Laboratories                      csprin@ca.sandia.gov
Biosystems Research Department                    (925) 294-2143
P.O. Box 969, MS 9951                fax:         (925) 294-3020
Livermore, CA, 94551-0969

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