[Rd] Disappearing values (PR#551)

kjetil.kjernsmo@astro.uio.no kjetil.kjernsmo@astro.uio.no
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 16:33:11 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear all,

Uwe e-mailed me yesterday about the problems some time ago. I had hoped
someone would have a look at our computers, but due to some unfortunate
circumstances, it hasn't happened. However, it seems unlikely that it is
connected to a specific piece of hardware. It could be an
architecture-dependent problem though. I also had a word with those who
did the installation of R, and they had some problems when tuning it for
alphaev6, but it all went smoothly when tuning for alphaev56, and that is
the build I'm running. This is basically the stuff I sent to Uwe

I have been testing it on three different machines:
alnair, a XP1000 with a 500MHz alphaev6 processor and 619 MB RAM
rukbat, a PWS500au with a 500MHz alphaev56 processor with 238 MB RAM
mirfak, a DEC255/233 with a 233MHz (?) alphaev4 (?) processor with 245MB
(RAM is according to top). All show the same problems consistently. 
I'm not using the match.arg()-approach anymore, BTW, I have moved on to
some object-oriented stuff. 

However, some apparently related (?) problem occurs. Yesterday, I started
working on some simulations I have done (with R of course! :-) ). I did
exactly the same operations on rukbat and mirfak (using ESS-elsewhere
while sitting on alnair), starting with the same calls, vsize=80M,
nsize=800k, no-restore. I loaded a 58MB file with load, and there are a
few variables with arrays of htest-objects. Then, I did 
as.vector(sapply(chisq5M11000, function(x) x$statistic))
to get a vector of the test statistics. Now, occasionally, it prints a
nice vector with all the values intact. Occasionally, one of the entries
are NULL, and then it prints a list, e.g.



The funny thing is that when I did this sapply thing on mirfak and rukbat,
it happened on at exactly the same place on the two machines. First,
mirfak would produce a vector then rukbat would produce a vector, mirfak
would give a list where element # 238 (if I remember correctly) was NULL,
rukbat would produce a list with element #238 NULL, both would produce a
vector again, both would produce a list with element #602 NULL, etc... 

This is pretty much what I've got now... :-)


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