yet another ts problem

Martyn Plummer
Thu, 13 May 1999 11:36:52 +0200

Ross Ihaka wrote:

> 1. I think that "[.ts" tries too hard to turn its value back into
>    a time series.  The only case where this makes sense is when
>    a selection of columns is taken from a multivariate series.
>    If a row subset is taken, it can only be a time series if
>    the subscripts have a very special pattern.  This would be
>    too expensive I think.
>    In S there is no "[.ts", and a simple array subset is returned.

An alternative to using "[.ts" to take row subsets would be to 
expand the window.ts() function to include a "freq" or "deltat"
argument. One can then use window() to thin out a regular time series
and "[.ts" could be modified to just return a simple array subset
(in the process get rid of the horrible warning about not returning a
time series).

I already did something like this in the coda package for MCMC output -
which one often wants to thin out because of high autocorrelation.

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