dev.print help page (PR#191)
Wed, 12 May 1999 13:20:12 +0200 (MET DST)

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Simpson <> writes:

    Bill> Full_Name: Bill Simpson Version: 0.64.1 OS: linux Submission
    Bill> from: (NULL) (

    Bill> Two problems with dev.print help.

    Bill> 1. Under Examples: dev.print(width=6, height=6, horizontal=F) ^
    Bill> FALSE

fixed, thank you.

    Bill> 2. dev.print help does not describe any of its parameters
    Bill> (e.g. height or width).  Not described on the other pages
    Bill> either

But the help page says that "..." are parameters of the "device" function,
if the "device" functions is postscript (as it is here),
you must look at  ?postscript  to see what parameters you can use.
Even though, all would have been clear already, 
I've added to the help  which now reads

    Copy Graphics Between Multiple Devices

	 dev.copy(device, ...,
	 dev.print(device=postscript, ...)


      device: A device function (e.g., `x11', `postscript', ...)

	 ...: Arguments to the `device' function above.  For
	      `dev.print', this includes `which' and by default
	      any `postscript' arguments.

Thanks for the report.

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