make check isn't quite right

Prof Brian D Ripley
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 07:45:53 +0100 (BST)

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Kurt Hornik wrote:

> >>>>> Robert Gentleman writes:
> > If I don't build the help pages at the start and then
> > do make check, 
> >   the examples for the base man pages get made but not
> > for any of the packages:
> >> example("smooth",package="eda")
> > Error: No help file found for'smooth'
> > Execution halted
> Your observation is correct.  What currently happens is something like
> 	make R
> 	for pkg in PKGS; do
> 	  maybe rebuild pkg examples/help pages
> 	  try to run the examples
> 	done
> This will fail if the tests for pkg1 assume that pkg2 help/examples must
> be there.
> We could easily change the `make R' to `make; make help; make examples'
> but I am not sure that this is the right thing.  Conceptually, `eda' is
> an add-on package and all that must be there is base (Rlang/Rstat), so I
> think the example should be changed.

I think 

-- the example is a nice one for human readers
-- it is a useful test on the codebase (at least one version I created
   of example failed it).

My problem is with

> > Error: No help file found for'smooth'
> > Execution halted

Now if we could keep running, we would get to see _all_ the problems
and be able to ignore those we knew about. 

Alternatively, I could fix the specific case, and make this a warning and
do-nothing condition.  I am inclined to do that anyway. The only
knock-on effect I can see is that some examples call other examples, and if
the included ones are missing then the main example main fail in an
unanticipated way.


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