add-on packages

Kurt Hornik
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:56:11 +0200

Some further infos/thoughts/... on our add-on packages.

Here are the results of running a simple counting script on my system
(at home, not all available packages installed there):

Packages found:            59
  with INDEX               59
  with TITLE               59
  with DESCRIPTION         26
    with License info      21
  with data                25
    with data/00Index      11
    with data/index.doc     6

This is quite alarming (of course, the standard packages from the main
distribution currently do not have DESCRIPTION files)!  PLEASE update
your packages, the DESCRIPTION file is definitely needed!

(Also, some packages still have old-style .doc data documentation.)

Fritz and I are thinking about automating an add-on checking mechanism.
In addition to the above, info on which packages pass `R CMD check' etc
could be provided on a regular basis.

We are also thinking about automating the package build process (e.g.,
`R CMD build pkg').  An `INDEX' and a data index could be generated
automatically.  At build time, comparison of object usage as is and as
documented could be done.  Information on undocumented objects could be
provided.  `R CMD check' could be run.  And so on ...

Btw, re `INDEX': currently, if I document several objects in one Rd
file, I get only one INDEX entry (which is obtained from \title{}).
This is not satisfactory.  Maybe we should have something like

I also want to propose adding a "Maintainer" field in DESCRIPTION.  In
the future we could use this info for both automatic checking and bug

Another interesting fact is data duplication.  More than 10 data sets
show up in more than one package.  Maybe we should add these to the main
distribution then?

Finally (again?), please make sure that your packages do not mask system

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