Compilation problems with R-0.64.0

Arne Kovac
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 12:52:05 +0200 (DFT)


I have just tried to upgrade our AIX-machines to R-0.64.0 and encountered
some problems which, I think, are not AIX-specific.

1) The static variable class in "devX11.c" conflicts with a function
class() defined in math.h (using egcs-2.93.11). Therefore compilation
stops with an error message.

2) After renaming class to Visualclass in devX11.c everything looks fine
and an R binary file is created. However, it is not possible to open an
X11 window:

> x11()
Error: invalid colortype passed to X11 driver

3) Trying something like 

> options(X11colortype = "true")     
> x11()
> x<-seq(0,2*pi,len=100)
> plot(x,sin(x),ty="l")

works and draws a sine curve, but the tick marks are in a poor state: The
horizontal tick marks start at the left border of the graphics box, but
continue to the left crossing the legend. The vertical tick marks look
better, but apparently have infinite length and extend beyond the upper
border of the graphic box up to the borders of the X11 window.

4) The seq complains about a missing .Machine variable sometimes:

> x<-seq(0,2*pi,0.1)
Error: Object ".Machine" not found
> x<-seq(0,2*pi,len=100)

5) The fix command starts an editor, but leaves the original function
untouched afterwards... Commands like "myfunc<-vi(myfunc)" still work.


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