offsets again (PR#159)
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 09:58:05 +0200

1. Try the following in 63.3

y <- rnorm(20)
y1 <- y[2:20]
y2 <- y[1:19]

Both are the same model, but the first gives the wrong s.e.
I don't believe this was a problem in 63.2

2. Besides the strsplit buffer, there appear to be other memory
problems causing seg faults. With vsize 12M in batch, I accumulated 9
glm objects in memory, then called one of my RM functions and
systematically got a seg fault. After much searching, I simply removed
the 9 objects before calling my function, the problem went away. This
did not occur in 63.2 but I have changed my function so that it now
uses strsplit and modifies function environments. However, in this
case, strsplit is not applied to any text that would cause buffer

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