Experimental support for `batch` under MsWindows

A.J. Rossini rossini@biostat.washington.edu
23 Nov 1998 12:46:03 -0800

Guido Masarotto <guido@sirio.stat.unipd.it> writes:

> 2) I prepare two executable (4K each,i.e, the smallest size possible
>     under Windows): (i) a 'windowed' application (rconsole.exe) which should
>     behaves like my current version and (ii) a 'console' (I suppose
>     that a better name for rconsole is needed) application
>     (rbatch.exe) which does not open a graphich console but
>     use 'stdio'. I didn't test Emacs+ESS since, after some
>     bad (but old) experiences, I use Emacs
>     only under Unix; however, at least, `rbatch < afile > anothefile'
>     seems to work; in addition, when isatty() is false (I expect
>     this happening under Emacs) the code is exactly the Unix one.
> I hope someone would test this version since, if it works,
> I think that can add something to the current one (in particular,
> if starting from this version we can obtaning an executable
> working under Emacs).
> But be aware: (i) it is the result of 2 hour of works on a train;
>                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~
> (ii) I have only test it on a Win98 notebook; (iii) as
> Luke said, rbatch should not work under Win32s; (iv) Brian's
> libraries must be rebuilt to make them working with this version.

Thanks much.  I'm hacking Emacs/ESS on MS Windows platforms starting
mid next month, thanks to some external prodding (and now, product
availability from both R, Splus).  And I think XLispStat might be able
to talk (at least DDE), as well, which would be nice

If anyone evaluates the situation before then (ESS/Emacs/R on MS
Windows 95/98/NT), please send me some email with comments, to help me
out! (MS isn't my native environment by a long shot :-).


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