Solaris make for 0.63 failing

Kurt Hornik
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:06:37 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> Thomas Lumley writes:

> On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Paul Gilbert wrote:
>> >You absolutely need GNU make, and on Solaris 2.6 you also need not to
>> >use make-3.77 (the current version) as that has a bug which affects
>> >this.  `They' are using features found in few makes.

>> I seem to be using GNU make 3.77. Is this a bug that is in both the
>> Sun make and the most recent GNU make, or is the R makefile doing
>> something wrong?

> It (appears to be) a bug in GNU make 3.77, which is not expanding the
> wildcards correctly. It is not a bug in Sun make, it's just that
> Makefile uses a feature that Sun make doesn't have. Whether this is
> 'something wrong' is open to debate (though not very interesting
> debate).  A fix of the Makefile to operate with everyone's favorite
> make is certainly a goal.

I just added the following to `INSTALL':


To compile R, you currently most likely need GNU make.  (To be more
precise, you need a version of make which accepts shell wildcards in
dependencies.)  On Solaris 2.6 in particular, you need a version of
GNU make different from 3.77 (the current one); 3.76.1 works fine.

Hope this does for the time being.

Note: I don't necessarily think that there is only GNU make, and that
all of its features should be used.  If I did, the Makefiles would look
rather different (and certain problems would be gone immediately).  The
only `feature' used is shell wildcards in target dependencies (not in
variables, which definitely is a GNU make feature).  One can easily
provide explicit lists of file names instead, but that is a cause of
potential inconsistency that I'd like to avoid for the time being.

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