[R] 0.63 missing .pl files in etc?

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:27:48 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> Peter Dalgaard BSA writes:

> U-E59264-Osman F Buyukisik <absd00t@c1186.ae.ge.com> writes:
>> Sorry Peter, I don't know how I did it but somehow I managed to have
>> directory with missing pearl files :-( Subsequent deletion/expansion
>> confirmed that they are there! But "make" still fails with the 
>> /bin/sh: /home/absd00t/R-0.63/bin/build-help: Execute permission denied.
>> /bin/sh: /home/absd00t/R-0.63/bin/build-help: Execute permission denied.
>> /bin/sh: /home/absd00t/R-0.63/bin/build-help: Execute permission denied.
>> /bin/sh: /home/absd00t/R-0.63/bin/build-help: Execute permission denied.
>> /bin/sh: /home/absd00t/R-0.63/bin/build-help: Execute permission denied.

> Hmmm. The INSTALL program is responsible for setting the modes. Are
> you using an old config.cache? otherwise configure is probably getting
> it wrong. Solaris has this stuff in Makeconf:

> INSTALL = $(top_srcdir)/aux/install-sh -c

> if you have something else, you might want to try enforcing the above.

> That "make" continues past errors and still creates stamp-xxx is an
> annoying, but well-known misfeature. Partly my fault for telling Kurt
> to leave it alone in the period up to the release (but otherwise
> things might have gone *really* wrong!).

Hmm.  On my TODO list but as Peter sort of waived this ... I won't be
able to get this done this week, so if someone else wants to ...

> I'll cc this to r-devel, in case there's another HP-UXer out there
> who's been trying this. In particular, I have absolutely no bearing on
> your .so/.sl problem below (unless that's also caused by INSTALL..).

>> But more problems: 
>> R : Copyright 1998, The R Development Core Team
>> Version 0.63.0  (November 14, 1998)
> ...
>> > library()
>> Packages in library `/home/absd00t/local/share/R/library':
>> base            The R base package
>> eda             Exploratory Data Analysis
>> modreg          Modern regression: smoothing and local methods
>> mva             Classical Multivariate Analysis
>> stepfun         Step Functions, including Empirical Distributions
>> > library(eda)
>> Error: dynamic library `eda' not found
>> At the end of the R file "eda" is a line:
>> library.dynam("eda.so")

I already fixed this this morning.

>> But hpux creates .sl files! So I have to edit the R files eda,
>> mva. modreg has a different line :
>> .First.lib <- function(lib, pkg) library.dynam("modreg", pkg, lib)
>> library(modreg)
>> Error: dynamic library `modreg' not found

Why is that?

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