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Sun Mar 6 15:31:34 CET 2022

On Sun, 6 Mar 2022, Naresh Gurbuxani via ESS-help wrote:

> On my Mac installation of R, below documents are included in RHOME/doc/manual:
> R-intro.html
> R-data.html
> [others]
> Is it possible to read them from inside emacs (for example in info)?


While you can invoke info from an emacs shell, you can learn how to load an
html file in a buffer here:

[Search domain emacs.stackexchange.com] https://emacs.stackexchange.com ›
questions › 43774 › live-view-an-html-document-in-emacs If you have access
to the w3m executable, then there is a complimentary Lisp library that can
help you view an html file like a web-browser (within Emacs) -- although,
not as fancy as Firefox and so forth. Another library (which I believe is
all Lisp and does not require an executable) is called shr-- I've only used
it once and am by no means an expert. How to open a file in Emacs - Murilo

[Search domain murilopereira.com] https://www.murilopereira.com ›
how-to-open-a-file-in-emacs By checking out its library file with M-x
find-library find-file-in-project (which opens a buffer with the installed
find-file-in-project.el package file) I can see that the
shell-command-to-string function (included with Emacs) is being used for
running shell commands, and that there's a function named ffip-project-root
that sounds a lot ... HTML Editing With Emacs - IRT

[Search domain irt.org] https://www.irt.org › articles › js136 GNU Emacs is
one of the most widely used and powerful editors today. The task of
formatting HTML files can be greatly simplified by using editing modes
available for HTML. Pankaj Kamthan briefly describes the use of editing mode
html-helper-mode, supported by the modes tempo, and hilit19.

duckduckgo search term: emacs: open html file in buffer

I'm assuming that emacs on Apple works the same was as it does on Linux.



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