[ESS] Advice on setting up ESS to edit and knit Rmarkdown files

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Sun Sep 19 23:12:58 CEST 2021


Polymode went through a major overhaul which I think was after 2014, so that blog post may be outdated. The overhaul made polymode much easier to use, such that there's very little config needed to get it set up. I wrote a tutorial describing my Rmd workflow in the past year for Dirk's ESS Intro series which you might find useful. Unfortunately I can't find the link just now, as I'm at the cottage with very sporadic network connection.




On Sun, Sep 19, 2021, at 2:33 AM, Chris Evans via ESS-help wrote:
> I am having problems with long Rmd files (and large data, long 
> processing times) in Rstudio. (Sorry, yes, I use Emacs for things and 
> ESS when I'm working with R (but rarely Rmd files) on a server, but I 
> use Rstudio routinely "at home".) This has made me decide it's 
> http://johnstantongeddes.org/open%20science/2014/03/26/Rmd-polymode.html 
> looked pretty straightforward but I thought I should ask here if any 
> changes since 2014 might make that too historical, perhaps not
> as I couldn't find much that was recent on the topic of ESS and Rmd.  
> However, before I mess with an Emacs/ESS that works just fine
> currently, I thought I'd ask here.
> I'm running on Ubuntu 20.04 "at home" and Debian (4.19.152-1 
> (2020-10-18) in case it matters) on the server (and might as well 
> set things up on both if it's easy).
> Any advice will be gratefully received (and, who knows, might even 
> tempt me back to Emacs/ESS for much more of what I'm doing!)
> TIA,
> Chris
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