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Thu Feb 6 16:19:57 CET 2020

It's not clear from your question exactly what the behaviour is, but it
sounds like auto complete?

Which I tried for like five minutes before deciding it was not for me.


On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 2:15 AM Dirk Eddelbuettel via ESS-help <
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> When I have e.g. a local variable arr (for array) and start typing
>   print(arr
> in an ESS buffer, I first (briefly) get a helpful and uninstrusive dropdown
> starting with arrows, array and more.
> But annoyingly, a split second later it flips to a new help buffer
> (entitled
> *ess-command-output*) which the help text for arrows. I absolutely do not
> want that.  I have been unable to turn it off though.
> I am running the last release, and I have a somewhat muddled .emacs also
> enabled irony and a few more modes helpful for programming in different
> languages, but this behaviour seems to be ESS specific. How do I stop it?
> Sorry to be asking such a noob question after what must now be a quarter
> century of Emacs, R and ESS...
> Dirk
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