Stephen Eglen @je30 @end|ng |rom c@m@@c@uk
Thu Nov 21 22:20:09 CET 2019


Has anyone on here been using the Emacs window manager, exwm?  I've been
using it for a few months, and generally like it.  One thing I've not
yet figured out is how to control window placement.  I'd like to have
something like an R window in the left window, and the *R graphics
output* window in the right window.  Even if I set up the windows like
this, as soon as I send another command to *R* buffer, the *R* buffer
pops up and the graphics window is gone.  I then have to switch around
to see it again.

I will be investigating solutions like eyebrowse.el, but curious to know
if anyone has already fixed this.  (I'm even thinking of an Rstudio like
setup, with a code buffer on the left half of the monitor, and the right
window split to show the graphics window above and the *R* session


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