[ESS] how to start debugging R with ess-tracebug

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Mon Oct 29 10:59:08 CET 2018

You can also just put a breakpoint (C-c C-t b) and re-evaluate the
code. Those breakpoints are just browser() under the hood.


>> On Sun, Oct 28 2018 20:51, Jeremie Juste via ESS-help wrote:

> Hello,

> C-c C-t d runs the command ess-debug-flag-for-debugging, which is an
> interactive compiled Lisp function in ‘ess-tracebug.el’.

> It is bound to C-c C-t d, C-c C-t C-d, <menu-bar> <ESS> <Tracebug>
> <Flag for debugging>.

> (ess-debug-flag-for-debugging)

> Set the debugging flag on a function.
> Ask the user for a function and if it turns to be generic, ask
> for signature and trace it with browser tracer.

> HTH,

> Jeremie

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