[ESS] Developing R packages under ESS

Vitalie Spinu @p|nuv|t @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Mar 8 16:22:04 CET 2018

>> On Wed, Mar 07 2018 18:29, Ross Boylan wrote:

> The file I opened initially, the one that sources all the others, is above the
> package directory.  It sources files under the package directory.  When I
> modified one of them I used C-c C-t C-s to disable the namespace before I did
> C-c C-l.  This was on the theory that the source() commands earlier stuck
> everything in the global namespace.

This sounds too complicated. You don't need to source anything or use C-c C-t
C-s as all ess eval commmands are executed automatically in the package
directory. Even if the package is installed from CRAN you shouldn't see
"namespaced locked" error. Just start R inside package directory and start
eval-ing stuff as you normally do.

As to the devtools integration, it's a breeze - C-c C-w i or C-c C-w l are
pretty fast, surely not slow enough to interfere with the workflow.


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