[ESS] ESS 15.03 and emacs emacs-24.3 on Windows 7

Heinz Tuechler tuech|er @end|ng |rom gmx@@t
Tue Jun 30 22:43:00 CEST 2015

Thank you, Vitalie. If I ever notice a bug in ESS I will think about 
more frequent updates. This time I updated emacs and ess because of the 
enhanced features to find bugs in my R-syntax.


Vitalie Spinu wrote/hat geschrieben on/am 30.06.2015 10:29:
> noweb-mode was renamed into ess-noweb-mode some years ago in order to avoid name
> clash with the real noweb-mode. The problem comes from you referencing
> `noweb-mode-map` somewhere in your .emacs. Change that to
> `ess-nowebe-minor-mode-map`.
>> Still, as I update emacs/ess every three to six years,
> Try to update more often. You are missing major bug fixes.
>> ess-15.03-1.zip
> You better be using emacs elpa system or ESS git repository to automate this
> task.
>    Vitalie

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