[ESS] ESS 15.03 and emacs emacs-24.3 on Windows 7

Heinz Tuechler tuechler at gmx.at
Tue Jun 30 10:16:04 CEST 2015

Dear All,

this is more a comment, but recommendations are welcome.
I installed emacs-24.3 on Windows 7, essentially by copying from 
emacs-24.3-bin-i386.zip into a subdirectory.
Then I tried to do the same with ess-15.03-1.zip. It resulted in the 
message "Symbol's value as variable is void: noweb-minor-mode-map".
I could not find a noweb-minor-mode-map in ess-15.03-1.zip.
After some trials I copied noweb-mode.el from version ess-12.04 into 
ess-15.03\lisp\ .
Then I added
(add-to-list 'load-path "d:/emacs/ess-15.03/lisp/")
(load "noweb-mode")
(load "ess-site")
and now it seems to work.

When I searched for "installation of ess on windows" I found mainly the 
recommendation to use Vincent Goulet's installation, which is very 
probably the best way to do it.
Still, as I update emacs/ess every three to six years, I was curious, if 
I could not do it in a way, I personally understand easier, i.e. by 
simple copying of some files into some directories and continuing my 
.emacs as is.

best regards,


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