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On Monday, February 23, 2015, Ramiro Barrantes <ramiro using precisionbioassay.com>

> Hello,
> I just wrote an email with a bug and I did not add important information I
> just found.
> When I try pasting several lines of code on an R session I get:
> "Wrong type argument: numberp, t"
> and it only evaluates the first line.

I have similar experience. Pasting is generally dangerous, often hangs
session entirely, session hangs saying  'Text is readonly.' Pasting in
wrong spot can cause it. Pastin formatted text can cause it. And pasting
from console to R file can be fatal too.

SOLUTION. Stop pasteng into console. Use ESS as God intended. Send lines
over using the keystrokes.

Or use the buttons like ->.  ESS NOW has convenient shortcuts. C-RET to
send lines.

Nobody should ever paste into console. Doing that means you dont understand
the basic benefit of ESS. Emacs experts don't notice these things because
they use proper keystrokes. I resist much of the 'memorize C-x M-q' advice,
but there's no defending paste into *R*.

Honestly, I suspect deeper cut/paste problems in newer emacs. Left click
selection very different.

> Any help appreciated,
> Ramiro
> p.s. this is my previous email:
> I just installed ESS 14.09 on emacs 24.4.  I was using older versions of
> both previously.
> My main issue is that now, after creating an R session, when I copy/paste
> or try to evaluate several lines of code into it only the first line is
> evaluated.
> What is happening??
> Thanks in advance,
> Ramiro
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