[ESS] Changing keybindings in the interactive R shell

Lucas Holland hollandlucas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 11:52:26 CET 2014

Hello all,

in my .emacs file I have set a global key binding that maps M-n to '(lambda () (interactive) (insert "~“)), so that pressing M-n inserts a tilde character. When I’m in the interactive R mode in ESS, M-n is by default bound to comint-next-input. What I’d like to do is to change this so that M-n inserts a tilde and comint next-input is instead bound to M-ü. 

I’ve tried:

(add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook
	       (local-set-key [\M-n] '(lambda () (interactive) (insert "~")))

to override the M-n keybinding but that doesn’t work (i. e. M-n still runs comint-next-input). I also don’t know how to get the M-ü binding working.

Any help would be appreciated!



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