[ESS] Interest in scala support?

Steve Nunez snunez at hortonworks.com
Mon Oct 27 22:42:34 CET 2014


Probably the best place to look for interest, besides this list, is the
Spark mailing list. There¹s a thread going on right now about this topic.

I asked a similar question sometime back about Scala environments and the
Spark guys pointed me to ensime; although ensime is helpful, I really miss
being able to send code snippets to the REPL from within emacs. They (the
ensime folks) claim it¹s on their roadmap, but I haven¹t seen any progress
and I have neither the time nor skills. I took the same route as you too,
starting with Tony R and then joined up here to enquire.

The short answer to your question is: OEYes¹, at least one person would be
interested in good interactive Scala support in emacs. I¹m seeing a lot
more interest in Scala in statistics these days, including newly minted
grads learning it just to become OEdata scientists¹.

	- Steve Nunez

On 10/27/14, 14:25, "Blair Christian" <bchristian at pyaanalytics.com> wrote:

>Hi All ,
>I'm a 15 year emacs/statistics user (mainly R/Splus, some SAS), and our
>shop is getting ready to bring in scala as a data analysis tool (we'll be
>doing some performance testing against pbdr early next year if anybody is
>interested in hearing about that).
>Long story short, I would like to know if there's any interest in
>supporting scala in ESS.  I saw (1) there was some julia support (so I
>see at least one new language with REPL is in ESS) and (2) most of the
>scala IDEs (even the notebooks in intellij (better) and eclipse) aren't
>anywhere near as useful to me as a good old ESS session.  There are quite
>a few different types/versions of scala-modes in emacs, but they are
>using it like a formal software development IDE (eg ensime) as opposed to
>focussing on the interpreter (REPL) for interactive analysis.  [if I'm
>wrong here and there is already great emacs support for interactive scala
>use, please let me know- I grepped through the scala and scala2 emacs
>modes for words like "submit", "step", "line" and didn't see anything]
>[also, just to be clear, I'm not advocating any language over any other,
>it just happens that scala is what our architects decided to go with for
>the next step of our development]
>I'm happy to give some time to development if there is some interest - I
>have benefitted so much from the community, otherwise I'll go back to the
>shadows.  Currently I'm probably a C+/B- emacs lisp programmer (probably
>same for my use of ESS), and would need a little hand holding to get
>started.  [The main reason is that ESS works so well for my meager needs
>and has sufficient documentation, that I never have a need to get under
>the hood]
>I did google site searches on ESS html and mailing list archive for scala
>and didn't see anything.
>Any thoughts?  (offline comments welcome: bchristian at pyaanalytics.com)  I
>ran the idea by Tony R, and he said it'd be best to start here and that
>he thought it was a good idea.
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