[ESS] Setting paths to R versions in different directories

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 00:02:34 CEST 2014

Before I look into it would be nice to precisely understand the expected

I have just got a new system and got R devel installed from
source in ~/bin/R-patched/, then I

  cd ~/bin && ln -sf R-patched/bin/R R-latest

and re-started Emacs. Then M-x R- TAB, no R-latest in there.

So, R-latest should have been created and should have been in the
completion list, right?


 >>> Stephen Eglen on Sun, 19 Oct 2014 06:43:22 +0100 wrote:

 >> I am astonished.. that it doesn't work for you neither, Vitalie.
 >> Are the R versions found in a *shell* buffer inside Emacs?

 > me too.  I wrote the code to autodetect R on Unix, and used symlinks to
 > test it.  I can help fix.

 > S

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