[ESS] polymode, tangentially related to ESS

Tyler Smith tyler at plantarum.ca
Tue Mar 11 21:23:13 CET 2014

>Le 03/11/2014 02:51 PM, Warth, Christopher S a écrit :

>> More annoying is a jarring visual shift when I move the cursor from
>> region to another - from markdown into an R region or vice versa.  It
>> looks like different font faces are set in the two modes and the
>switch is
>> quite evident when the buffers swap.  This is an example of the
>> visual shifts that happen as I use a thumb wheel to scroll through
>> buffer.  Not only is the font face changing as the cursor is forced
>> different regions, but the tabs at the top do a distracting dance as
>> different buffers become activated.  Maybe I can fix the font
>swapping by
>> judicious selection of major mode options?

I had this 'problem' too. If you use different fonts for different modes, obviously the fonts in the buffer will change when you switch modes. Setting the options for each mode to match, or use defaults, will fix it.

Tabs are another matter. I suspect many Emacs users have turned them off, and I don't know of another fix. The thought of having tabs for the dozen or so buffers I'm visiting at the moment is not appealing!


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