[ESS] ess-tracebug to open a file

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 20:12:17 CET 2012

>>>> Feng Li <m at feng.li>
>>>> on Tue, 13 Mar 2012 19:27:58 +0100 wrote:

  > Dear all,

  > First I would like to thank the ESS people's all the hard work. I am watching
  > the project closely and witnessing the improvements day by day.

  > Besides I found a strange situation using `ess-tracebug'. Please tell me if I am
  > wrong or this is a bug.

  > Start Emacs with "emacs -Q" and load ESS and enable ess-tracebug.

  > Create a file named `testFun1.R' with the following contents
  >> testFun1<-function(x)
  >> {
  >> y <- x+2
  >> browser()
  >> return(y)
  >> }
  >> testFun1(2)

  > Then start R under the same directory and run the command
  >> source("testFun1.R")

  > which will show the following information
  >>> source("testFun1.R")
  >> Called from: testFun1(2)
  >> Browse[1]> debug at testFun1.R#5: return(y)

  > Then if I left click `testFun1.R#5' I get this error
  >> Wrong type argument: listp, [cl-struct-compilation--message (nil 5 (("testFun1.R" nil) nil (5 #1)) nil nil) 2 nil]

It's an emacs 24 issue. Some breaking change again. I will investigate.

Thanks Feng for reporting this, 

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