[ESS] GNU Emacs, ESS and point: WAS: XEmacs, ESS on Cygwin and R on Windows XP: inferrior-ess-prompt problem

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Mar 5 20:12:16 CET 2012

Rodney Sparapani wrote:

>> S
> Ok, then I'm checking in a version of ess-revert-wisely that restores
> the point.  Hopefully, that does it.

Ok, here is something that I don't understand.  When you have
a file opened in different frames, GNU Emacs doesn't remember
point.  I can see how this sort of makes sense (although, XEmacs
somehow does it better; I'm not sure where this setting is).  Someone 
must have dealt with this smartly on the GNU side, right? If you have
a big file open (and a big file benefits the most from this
multiple view scenario so this is pretty common), is there
any way to smartly manage point?  This type of point management
is sort of what we have created in ess-revert-wisely.  But,
what if you don't want to revert?  Thanks

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