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Simple instructions are not that simple. 4-5 looks simpler to me that
1-2:) but 4 is confusing.

Just unpack ESS into whatever directory. Then add to your .emacs file 

(load "path/to/lisp/ess-site")

You should create .emacs file in your HOME directory. If I remember
correctly, you can see where is your home directory by typing "set" in
cmd and looking for $HOME$ variable. If is not set then it defaults to
user profile directory.  You can also set $HOME$ manually to whatever
path you want in "environment variables" configuration dialog.

After all this, open emacs and do C-h i, go to Emacs Lisp Intro and read
first 4-5 chapters and also chapter "Emacs Initialization". After that
you will know most of what you need and you will never leave emacs:)

BTW, easier would be to install Vincent Goulet's version of integrated
emacs+ESS+Auctex. Why don't you do that?

  >> Xin Liu <lucy.xin.liu at gmail.com>
  >> on Tue, 17 Jul 2012 19:34:36 -0500 wrote:

  > Hello,

  > I've installed 'GNU  Emacs 24.1' in my computer, but I had a hard time to
  > install 'ESS'. I do see the directory "C:\Program Files\GNU Emacs
  > 24.1\site-lisp" in my computer, but find the next step hard to follow,
  > e.g., Add the line (require 'ess-site) to ~/.emacs and restart Emacs. I
  > don't quite understand these instructions. Would you help? Thanks a lot.

  > Lucy

  >    1. Extract all the files from ess-VERSION.zip (by double clicking on it
  >    and selecting “Extract all files” which launches the Folders Extraction
  >    Wizard) into an ESS sub-directory of the site-lisp directory that exists
  >    for packages like ESS. If GNU Emacs was installed in the default
  >    location, then this directory can be found somewhere like C:\Program
  >    Files\GNU Emacs\emacs-22.x\site-lisp
  >    2. Add the line

  >              (require 'ess-site)

  >    to ~/.emacs and restart Emacs.
  >    3. If you see a buffer named *ESS*, then the simple instructions were
  >    most likely successful. If not, then read further.
  >    4. It could be you have an older version of Emacs or some other problem
  >    with your installation. Either way, you may need to edit
  >    C:\ess\ess-VERSION\lisp\ess-site.el manually. If that is the case, then
  >    you should create a directory just for ESS like C:\ess and unpack
  > ESSthere. That way, your changes to
  >    C:\ess\ess-VERSION\lisp\ess-site.el will not be lost if you update Emacs
  >    later.
  >    5. Replace the line above with

  >              (load "C:/ess/ess-VERSION/lisp/ess-site")

  >    in ~/.emacs and restart Emacs.

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