[ESS] Automatic insertion of space after comma in iESS mode

Jim_Garrett at bd.com Jim_Garrett at bd.com
Mon Jan 23 17:12:04 CET 2012

   I  too am in the habit of typing spaces after commas, and will have to
   re-learn a bit to use this new feature.  However, I frequently look at code
   written by other people who do *not* have this habit and I wish their editor
   had  such  a feature....  So for the greater good, and for making good
   practice easier than bad practice, I wanted to voice my support for smart
   operators.  Once my fingers are retrained, this could be great.  After all,
   I currently enter TAB on a new line and expect proper indentation.  I can't
   recall what life was like before that, but I suppose I was accustomed to
   typing lots of spaces.
   Unfortunately, the people who are not typing spaces also are not using
   Emacs, so the greater good may not be served immediately.  As Rich mentioned
   earlier, extending smart operators to apply to a block of text would be a
   Godsend for dealing with these cases.
   (I'm reading the digest so I'm not quoting a particular message.)
   -Jim                         -----------------------------------------
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