[ESS] regression wtr org-mode

Leo Alekseyev dnquark at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 11:27:56 CET 2012

> there has been a regression in the svn version of ess lately when it
> comes to org mode, :results output and :session mode.  Unfortunately, I
> won't have time to investigate this, but at least until r4587, this used
> to work:
> ====== test.org ===================
> #+begin_src R :session *R* :results output
>  print(1)
> #+end_src
> ===================================
> Now (i.e. fresh svn up) evaluating this from org does not return, but
> "hangs".  Since it still works with older ess versions, I consider this
> an ess issue, but please tell me, if this should be brought up on the
> org mode list instead.
> Best,
> Andreas

Cannot reproduce; my org is current (as of commit
e760c0c1f2a7f7ddc2c6de7b040b1e7f1965462a from less than 24 hours ago).

There have been lots of bugs reported/fixes being applied around the
source evaluation functionality in the last few days...  I would
suggest trying it with the commit I mentioned above.


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