[ESS] .help.ESS gets appears only in certain directories

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 22:11:27 CET 2012

Aleksandar Blagotić <aca.blagotic at gmail.com> writes:

> Oh, yeah, not to forget, "index.search" functions is missing, too.
> aL3xa
> 2012/1/16 Aleksandar Blagotić <aca.blagotic at gmail.com>
>> I'm facing a really strange behaviour of ESS I grabbed from SVN (rev.
>> 4594). ".help.ESS" function is sometimes present, sometimes not! O_o
>> Somehow it just appears when R is evoked in some directories (like
>> /home/`whoami`/), but in my default project directory (and some others) it
>> just doesn't appear.
>> I've checked the permissions and stuff, but with no luck. Can you
>> replicate this strange behaviour?
>> aL3xa

Thanks for testing SVN. Please keep posting with anything you find

There has been quite some changes that can potentially relate to what
you are experiencing. "index.search" is in base namespace and this is
why it is not visible, but .help.ESS should be.

If you don't see .help.ESS that means it is not inserted during the
startup. If this is the case can you please start new R session, then
switch to *ESS* and post here the lines starting with

(R):ess-dialect=R ...

there must be quite some lines.

One more thing, yesterday's changes (4590-4594) are completely incompatible with
ess-tarcebug. If you are using it please don't load it. I will move
ess-tracebug into SVN these days.


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