[ESS] no output in ESS until interrupt

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 00:47:35 CET 2012

  >> Ross Boylan <ross at biostat.ucsf.edu>
  >> on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 15:32:11 -0800 wrote:

  > While debugging an R function I noticed that the main *R* window did not show
  > any output after an error occurred, until I hit ^G.  This was true even when the
  > output was from the recover() function.  ESS may not have shown the output of a
  > regular, but slow, function either, even if there was no error.

  > Are things supposed to work that way?  Anything I can do about it? I don't
  > recall this problem in the past, but that may be because I wasn't using
  > long-running functions.

This happens because, by default, ESS waits for the output before
printing (we hope to lift this limitation some day).

If your problem is in the console, then you have to set
comint-process-echoes to nil in ess hook.

If your problem is with sending code from script buffer, then with your
version of ESS you have one option, (setq ess-eval-visibly-p nil). This
will make evaluation invisible (aka no printing of input to the
console), but instead it is much faster and doesn't stall emacs.

With the new version of ESS, released today,  you have yet another
option 'nowait. With (setq ess-eval-visibly 'nowait) ESS will print the
input, but will not wait for the output. You can experiment with
ess-eval-visibly and comint-process-echoes directly from the ESS/Process
submenu. For this and many other reasons please upgrade to 12.09-1.


  > ESS 12.04-4 [rev 4896], R 2.15.0, emacs 24.1.1 on MS Windows 7.

  > Thanks.
  > Ross Boylan

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