[ESS] ESS and special characters in Aquamacs

Petar Milin pmilin at ff.uns.ac.rs
Wed Dec 19 18:22:19 CET 2012

Hello all!
I am very new in Mac OS world (coming from long Linux experience, from
Ubuntu and Debian, to Fedora). After some search for the best editor I
decided to go for Aquamacs, which fits nicely to my needs (Python,
LaTeX, R, and very little C). ESS is great, but I cannot make it print
special characters (Croatian, Serbian etc.). I have found one post
explaining similar problem:
However, there is no solution. It seems that the guy lost his patience
and went for some other editor.

Problem occurs when i ask things like:
> bargraph.CI(response=Y, x.factor=X,
>             legend=TRUE, xlab='sunčani meseci',
>             ylab='izračunate vrednosti')

Even if I wrap this up between:
> pdf('figure.pdf', h=6, w=6, encoding='CP1250')
> dev.off()

I am getting only dots, instead of special character like "čćžšđČĆŽŠĐ".

Can anyone help me? Please, I would appreciate a lot. I would like to
stick with Aquamacs, which works so greatly.

Being a newbie, I am not sure whether this is due to ESS or Aquamacs.
However, I see special characters in Aquamacs, and I can have them, for
example, if I run LaTeX.

All the best,

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