[ESS] ambiguous help pages

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 18:43:53 CET 2012

Hi Murat, 

I am also using menu.graphics = FALSE and indeed, on multiple help
locations I am experiencing a freeze, as you do.

The good news is that this issue was fixed in ESS-dev. C-c C-v (or newer
C-c C-d C-d) will pop an IDO menu of possible locations. Unfortunately
it doesn't work for ?foo as yet.


BTW: ess-apropos are now on C-c C-d C-a. And other, doc related, commands
are also on C-c C-d (ess-doc-map).

  >> Murat Tasan <mmuurr at gmail.com>
  >> on Mon, 17 Dec 2012 12:34:19 -0500 wrote:

  > hi all - i tried searching for any existing solution, but found none, so
  > here goes...

  > i'm running emacs in terminal-only mode (i.e. no X11), and have switched
  > menu.graphics to FALSE to prevent any confusion.
  > when looking for a help page that is package-ambiguous, i've been running
  > into prompt problems:

  > imagine there are multiple help pages for "mapply" (if you install
  > BiocGenerics, this is indeed the case):

  >> ?mapply

  > emacs freezes.
  > i can un-freeze with a quick C-g, and a buffer search shows that a *help*
  > page was indeed created in a new buffer, but the buffer was never pushed to
  > the current emacs display (i.e. never shown in any existing or new emacs
  > window), so control was never given to this buffer.
  > problem is, even if control is manually given, this buffer only shows the
  > menu option to disambiguate the two "mapply" help pages... but there's no
  > prompt or keyboard input reading in this menu buffer, so to select the
  > option, i have to switch back over to the existing *R* buffer.
  > at this point, i can select from the menu option, but if i do select either
  > version of the help page, that page is now scrolled in the *R* buffer,
  > rather than being displayed in the standard *help* buffer.

  > the same problem exists with the C-c C-v method of selecting help pages.

  > the only way around this behavior i've seen so far is as so:
  > (1) C-c h --> help-apropos
  > (2) search for "mapply"
  > (3) get the long apropos hit page in a new buffer
  > (4) cursor/scroll down to the appropriate entry (this list could be quite
  > large, however)
  > (5) selecting that entry properly opens the chosen help page in a *help*
  > buffer.

  > i'm guessing others have experienced the same issue (especially anyone
  > using Bioconductor packages)... any tips on how to get around this
  > annoyance?

  > cheers,

  > -m

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