[ESS] Assign f12 to "ess-sas-submit-region"

Main, Regan rmain at rand.org
Mon Mar 21 18:16:35 CET 2011

Thank you for your quick response, Rodney.  I did check out the Function
keys for batch processing section and concluded that it wasn't working
either because it is specific to batch processing and/or because I was
not adding the lines of code to the correct places.  

I tried uncommenting line 4 in the batch processing instructions.  When
I would hit F3, it would batch submit the file.  I tried adding the "b."
instructions first in the ess-site.el file (which crashed it) and then
intead to my .emacs file.  I also tried with and without adding the
global-unset/set-key commands in my .emacs, but so far, I haven't
managed to change or make an additional keybinding to interactively
submit (C-c C-r) chunks of code.  

Can you recommend anything else to try?

Thank you,

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On 03/21/11 09:45 AM, Main, Regan wrote:
> Hi all--
> I use iESS for generating and debugging SAS code primarily, but also
> Stata and R.  I prefer to submit code by marking the region and
> submitting with C-c C-r and have been doing so for a couple of years.
> I'm starting to run into some carpal tunnel issues though and would
> to change the burden of submitting chunks of code from my left hand to
> my right.  I've been playing around with my .emacs but not meeting
> much success.
> Can someone please help me assign the f12 key to what the C-c C-r
> keybinding currently does?  Below is my best attempt so far.  I found
> the "defcustom" lines online and inserted them between a
> global-unset-key and global-set-key.
> Thanks much for any assistance you can offer.
> -Regan Main
> RAND Corporation
> (global-unset-key [f12])
> ;; Bind f12 to ess-sas-submit-region
> (defcustom ess-sas-temp-root "-temp"
>    "*Appended to root name of the temporary .sas file for
> `ess-sas-submit-region'."
>    :group 'ess-sas
>    :type  'string)
> (global-set-key [f12] 'ess-sas-submit-region)

Hi Regan:

I don't know what the defcustom bit is all about, but the f12 definition
looks correct to me.  Did you read


If so, which of the 4 layouts did you pick?  If 4 or 5, then what you
want is C-F3 or C-F8 respectively.  If that is not working, then try
what's under b.; either
         (ess-sas-global-unix-keys) ; C-F3
         (ess-sas-global-pc-keys) ; C-F8


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