[ESS] Easy argument list: r-autoyas

ottorino ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Mon Mar 21 15:08:32 CET 2011

Il giorno dom, 20/03/2011 alle 12.23 +0100, Vitalie Spinu ha scritto:
> If you want the expansion to work immediately after 'plot' with my
> code,
> use:
> (define-key ess-mode-map (kbd "C-M-<tab>") '(lambda () (interactive)
>                                               (insert "(")
>                                               (r-autoyas-expand)))
> I have in mind to implement an automatic autoyas detection of existing
> arguments. Say, you already have plot(xxx, yyy, col="red") in you
> buffer. You call the r-autoyas-expand inside (...) and xxx, yyy are
> recognized correctly as x and y arguments of plot, col="red" is left
> untouched and all other arguments (except x, y and col) are proposed
> for
> completion.
> In order for the this idea to work r-autoyas should work only after
> "(".

Hi all,
I'm quite ignorant in Lisp, but I find very convenient to bind the
expand to

ctrl shift "("

I've bound r-autoyas-expand with the following line in my .emacs

(define-key ess-mode-map [67108904] 'r-autoyas-expand )

Is there any simpler way to express 
ctrl shift "("
than the mysterious "67108904" number ?

I've found this number by
M-x global-set-key 
press the sequence

to see the results 

It is described here


Unfortunately the "key-description", also described there,
do not work on my system.


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