[ESS] Easy argument list: r-autoyas

Sven Hartenstein lists at svenhartenstein.de
Sun Mar 13 11:49:24 CET 2011

Hi Vitalie,

thanks again for your ideas and contribution to r-autoyas!

> First, it would be probably more convenient if "(" key would
> directly invoke the yas/expand.

Yes, good point. I have changed it now so that the parentheses are not
part of the snippet. r-autoyas-expand has argument paren (instead of
no-paren as you suggested) and if it is t parentheses will be

(Your version was very skeleton-pair friendly, but would delete the
closing parenthesis if skeleton-pair was not used.)

> Second, it is nice to have C-g to delete all the remaining arguments
> (as you've already suggested on your site). The easiest way I could
> find is to advise yas/abort-snippet. Please see below.

Absolutely great! Included in the update.

> Third, it is inconvenient to maintain both .emacs and .Rprofile, one
> way of avoiding it is to "inject" the necessary commands each time
> R-session starts by means of ess-post-run-hook.

Also perfect! I was actually wondering whether something like this was
possible and you answered the question before I even asked. Included
in the update.

I gratefully mention your full name in the Changelog. How is this for
you? Would you prefer it any different?

I will look at other feature requests now and will write another post
about the update when finished for today.


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