[ESS] Manually turn on ess script mode

Tyler Smith tyler.smith at eku.edu
Sun Mar 6 17:35:25 CET 2011

Douglas Bates <bates at stat.wisc.edu> writes:

> On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 9:17 AM, Tyler Smith <tyler.smith at eku.edu> wrote:
>> However, I could skip this step if there was a way to explicitly tell
>> emacs to start ess[s] mode. Is this possible? The manual only says
>> that the mode should start automatically, but doesn't indicate if
>> it's possible to make it start when the hooks don't get triggered.
> The answer is almost embarrassingly straightforward.
> M-x R-mode<ret>

Wow, that is embarrassing. For the record, I read the fine manual
section on 'ESS for the S family', and tried M-x ess-<tab> to generate a
list of all ESS functions that I could scan for clues. Now that I know
the answer, I searched for the phrase r-mode in the entire text of the
ess manual, and it doesn't appear (excepting as part of the command

Could I humbly request that some reference to R-mode be added to the
info file? (info "(ess)ESS(S)--Editing files") seems like the best place:

   ESS[S] mode should be automatically turned on when loading a file
with the suffices found in ess-site (*.R, *.S, *.s, etc). **For files
with non-standard suffices, the mode may be explicitly started with the
command M-x R-mode.** However, one will have to start up an inferior
process to take advantage of the interactive features.

Or is there some other way to discover this function that I



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