[ESS] ESS on OSX has lost R path

Ross.Darnell at csiro.au Ross.Darnell at csiro.au
Fri Jul 8 00:45:45 CEST 2011

I would appreciate help with this problem between Enacs-ESS and R.

I am  newbie to Mac OSX and I appear to have lost the connection between ESS and R.  ESS cannot find R. The OS knows where R is  but Emacs-ESS doesn't.  I did have it working initially but must have altered something to   break it.  I am using Vincent Goulet 's build of Emacs/ESS/Auctex.

I could point to R.all(?) explicitly but interested in knowing why it isn;t there by default.

Darnell, Ross (CMIS, Dutton Park)
Ross.Darnell at csiro.au<mailto:Ross.Darnell at csiro.au>

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