[ESS] ESS and .Rhistory

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Wed Apr 20 16:36:26 CEST 2011


On 04/20/2011 09:00 AM, Feng Li wrote:
> Dear list,
> I tried to change the ESS default R history to a permanent file so
> that ESS does not generate .Rhistory everywhere. I tried both
> (setq ess-history-directory "~/.R/history")
> and
> (setq ess-history-file "~/.R/history/.Rhistory")

If I recall correctly, it's because of the way the ess-history-file variable is 
set in the ESS code.  The following works for me:

   (defun ei-no-rhistory ()
     (setq ess-history-file "/dev/null"))

   (add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook 'ei-no-rhistory)

where "ei" in the function name is just my initials.  See if that works for you. 
You can change /dev/null to whatever you want.  There may be a cleaner solution, 
but I was just happy not to find .Rhistory files all over the place, which 
bother me greatly for some unknown reason :).


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