[ESS] r-autoyas: update and help/maintainer wanted

Sven Hartenstein lists at svenhartenstein.de
Mon Apr 4 20:03:45 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I finally found some time to update r-autoyas. The update includes
most suggestions I received from Vitalie - many thanks again! If you
find that I missed something, please let me know. Find the update
here: http://www.svenhartenstein.de/Software/R-autoyas

Then, Matthew Fidler sent me his improved version, see the attached
file. I need support here:

  - Matthew's version is too difficult for me to understand. I do not
    know how to merge the current version and his version.
  - I definitely would like to include his improvements if they are
    useful. The code looks like Matt knows hundreds times more about
    lisp than I do, so I guess they ARE useful.
  - I have really little time.

My optimum would be if someone would take over maintenance of
r-autoyas. Anyone interested? Of course, I would also be happy to see
it as part of ESS, but probably it would be useful to have the best
from all versions for that and someone would have to take care of

I have almost no experience as a code maintainer and do not know how
to best handle the current situation. Any suggestions?


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