[ESS] Crashing emacs & ess by closing the R buffer

chrishold at psyctc.org chrishold at psyctc.org
Tue Sep 21 08:53:29 CEST 2010

James W. MacDonald sent the following  at 20/09/2010 14:33:
> Hi Chris,
> On 9/18/2010 7:39 AM, Chris Evans wrote:
>> I shifted from xemacs to emacs a year or so ago now and confess that
>> I've never really felt as comfortable in emacs and don't remember ever
>> doing this in xemacs.
>> OK, the problem: what I've done a few times now is that I've meant to
>> close a help page buffer I've opened but don't realise that I'm in the R
>> buffer and that seems to hang the whole combination of emacs, ess&  R.
>> Windoze XP sp3 (yes, I know, when I retire I'll see if I really can
>> transfer to linux!) XP, Emacs 23.1.1 and ESS ... (hm, how do you check
>> what version you have running?)
> C-h C-a will give you the splash page, which includes the version.
> How exactly are you closing the help page? C-x k? If so, note that a
> safer way to close a help buffer is to just hit x when in that buffer.
> That will kill a help buffer, and has the added benefit of putting you
> back into your R buffer.
> If you aren't in a help buffer, all you will do is add an x wherever the
> cursor is, which is much better than what you are getting right now.
> Best,
> Jim

I confess that I was closing with the menu as C-x k is one of those
shortcuts that I never remember tending to have only one file I'm
editing and exiting with C-x x.

C-h C-a gives me the emacs splash but not the ESS version that I can see
but Bill Venables kindly pointed me to C-h v ess-version
which confirms that I'm on 5.8.  Thanks Bill.

However, the trick to exit an R help buffer with a simple "x" is
priceless, what genius saw and implemented that?  I can confirm that it
works a treat and should prevent me ever crashing ESS/R again: thanks
James and all, again!


Thanks for C-h a

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