[ESS] Running R and Splus from ESS.

gerald.jean at dgag.ca gerald.jean at dgag.ca
Mon Sep 13 21:17:36 CEST 2010


I did post on this subject a little while ago, I didn't get any response.
I realized after posting that my timing was pretty bad, right in the middle
of the R-users conference! so I try again.

I am running ESS-5.11 under Emacs 22.3 on a Linux 64-bit box.  I often have
a ".q" file linked to an Splus process and a ".R" file linked to an R
process at the same time.  I have been doing this for quite some time with
no problem.
Since I upgraded ESS to 5.11 Emacs seems to get confused with what is going
on and eventually it freezes, every time. The only way I found to get out
of this is to kill Emacs.

I also have another problem, which might be related, under ESS-5.11 it is
very hard to get rid of an R process.  I kill the R process with C-c C-q,
reply to the question about saving the workplace.  Then R quits normally,
but as soon as I start moving in the "*.R" buffer ESS starts a new
R-process, I don't want this, I just
want to browse my R-code.  Same thing happens when I want to shut down
everything, first the R-process, if one is running, then Emacs (if nothing
else is running) but after the R-process normally closes down I can't save
the "*.R" buffer without R restarting, I usually end up getting Emacs to
kill the R-process as it shuts down.  This behaviour doesn't happen with
Splus-processes?  This is pretty anoying.  Anyone has a clue of what is


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