[ESS] Auto-fill mode and Roxygen

Henning Redestig henning.red at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 11 11:55:34 CEST 2010

2010/9/11 Feng Li <feng.li at stat.su.se>:
> Thanks your reply. I totally agree with your option. But it is good to have
> this feature, since people are lazy, like me. Apparently I put a explicit
> prefix "##' " under the ess-mode-hook to avoid that.

Right.. but how does this work in normal source code? Emacs will fill
those too and I don't see why you would want that? Possibly
auto-filling could be made a part of the roxygen editing support, I
will look into that.

> There is another issue that C-c C-o has destroyed my indents inside the
> comments. I would love to have an option to only update the parameters but
> keep the current indents. Hope this can be fixed in the new release:)

Leading and trailing whitespace are not carried over to your Rd file
anyway so personally I like that behavior. Sounds like you want a
quite intricate filling function that detects leading white space and
changes filling prefix on a per-line basis. Sorry, but I can't really
see the big advantage in that.. An option to not fill-lines at all
when doing C-c C-o could be possibly included though.

/Henning Redestig

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