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markleeds at verizon.net markleeds at verizon.net
Mon Jul 12 06:24:24 CEST 2010

   Hi  Vincent: As far as I can tell, not setting the value of HOME in my
   control panel/system/advanced setting sequence was the problem.
   The reason I think this is because , when I didn't have it set, my .emacs
   file ( as far as I could tell ) wasn't getting read ( because of the weird
   scrolling behavior ) .
   Then, as soon as I set it to %USERPROFILE", everything was fine.
   Still, if you want me to test anything out for you, let me know and I can do
   that tomorrow for sure. It's on my laptop
   which i'm not using to write this and I'm about to go to bed now because I
   helped a friend move and I'm fried.

   On Jul 12, 2010, Vincent Goulet <Vincent.Goulet at act.ulaval.ca> wrote:

     I'm not sure the HOME env. variable has anything to do with your problem,
     but just to make the thread complete: the HOME variable is set by my
     distribution by default to %USERPROFILE% *if* the variable is not already
     defined. Perhaps in your case it was already defined to some other value,
     so the Emacs installer left it untouched.
     Le 2010-07-10 Ã  22:56, <markleeds at verizon.net> <markleeds at verizon.net> a
     écrit :
     > thanks McKay.Ã Right after I wrote my email, I checked if not having
     > set as an environment variable equal to %UserProfile$%
     > was the problem. and of course, that was it !!!!! I thought HOME was
     > automatically detected as %UseProfile" but I was obviously mistaken. The
     > commands in my current dotemacs file do the trick. Thanks a lot and I'm
     > sorry for the false alarm.
     > On Jul 10, 2010, S. McKay Curtis <smcurtis at stat.washington.edu> wrote:
     > Try adding the following lines to your dotemacs file:
     > (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-input t)
     > (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output t)
     > McKay
     > S. McKay Curtis
     > Postdoctoral Research Associate
     > University of Washington
     > Department of Statistics
     > Box 354320
     > Seattle, WA 98195-4320
     > (206) 543-6851
     > On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 7:19 PM, <[1]markleeds at verizon.net> wrote:
     > à Hi à All: à Please à bear with me because I'm totally lisp illiterate
     > and
     > à generallyà à clueless aboutà à the internals of emacs-ess.
     > Ã Let me give the background first:
     > à I have a windows xp desktop and I've been using emacs-essà à which I
     > obtained
     > Ã a while back from vincent goulet's distribution ( thanks vincent ). I
     > don't
     > Ã remember how I got it to wok but it is part of Gnu Emacs 22.3 and I've
     > Ã included the dotemacs file that I use in my home directory on my
     > desktop. I
     > Ã don't know which command in the dotemacs does it but one of them makes
     > it
     > Ã such that when you run commands in R, the scroll bar in the other
     > window
     > Ã moves down nicely so that you can see your output. It's all great.
     > of
     > Ã course, there'a a but:
     > Ã I recently got a laptop for my birthday and I'm taking it down to
     > Ruser2010
     > Ã for the Sweave tutorial. So today I downloaded vincent's
     > Ã disribution which now is based off GNU Emacs 23.2. So, I copied my
     > dotemacs
     > Ã file to the appropriate home directory on the laptop
     > Ã ( there it's called \users\markleeds. on my desktop it's documents and
     > Ã settings\mark leeds ). But when I test out the interaction
     > Ã of emacs-ess by bringing up a test.R file and running some basic
     > commands,
     > Ã the scroll bar behavior is that weird behavior where you can't see
     > was
     > Ã run. and have to bring the scroll bar down manually with your mouse.
     > I'm not
     > Ã sure what else is not workng but that's
     > Ã definitely one thing. it essentially makes me not able to work in ess.
     > Ã I've looked around to see if I did any other things to get emacs-ess
     > my
     > Ã desktop to work but it's been so long and I can't see anything.
     > à I vaguelyà à remember needing require or load somewhere but I don't
     > ( or
     > à don't à know à where à to find ) where I did something like that if I
     > did
     > Ã something like that.
     > Ã I think the problem might be either that A) on my laptop, my dotemacs
     > file
     > Ã is either not getting read or possibly it is getting read but then the
     > Ã commands are getting overrode by some command in another file ? or
     > Ã I'm
     > à supposed to put require or load somewhereà à and I
     > Ã haven't.
     > à So, à if à someone knows what might be causing this problem, it's
     > really
     > Ã appreciated. I love emacs-ess but getting it work smoothly is
     > Ã always something that I run into troubles with. But eventually,Ã Ã
     > I do
     > Ã get it to work, I'm a happy camper. ALso,Ã Ã thank you to all the
     > amazing
     > Ã people that created it and work on it.Ã Ã Also, thanks a lot for any
     > insight
     > Ã and I'm sorry for being so lost. Also,Ã Ã if you need
     > Ã other information, just let me know.
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     > Ã Ã Ã
     > Ã Mark
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