[ESS] Emacs Modified updated to ESS 5.7.1

Vincent Goulet Vincent.Goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Tue Jan 5 05:58:00 CET 2010

Le lun. 04 janv. à 15:28, Rodney Sparapani a écrit :

> On 01/ 4/10 11:57 AM, Vincent Goulet wrote:
>> Dear ESS users,
>> My administrative duties as chair of my department give me much less time to devote to my personal projects. Therefore, I fell behind a little with my Emacs distribution.
>> I have now glad to announce that the Windows and Mac versions of my GNU Emacs distributions have been updated to ESS 5.7.1. Please see
>> 	http://vgoulet.act.ulaval.ca/emacs
>> to download the software.
>> The Windows version should work on Windows 7, but I don't have a copy of the OS to do the test. Please report any difficulty to this group and, ideally, to me directly in cc.
>> As for the Mac version, it is still a work in progress since I have to compile Emacs from sources and I am not very much used to do this. I have been thinking to ditch the distribution in favor of Macports version of Emacs, but ESS is not in this repository. Still, I use the distribution on a daily basis and it serves me just fine. The current version is a 32-bit, Intel only application built on Snow Leopard. I'd be interested to get feedback from users of previous releases of OS X, just to know Emacs works fine there.
>> (Incidentally, anyone here would know how to package aspell for OS X as a standalone binary that I could distribute with Emacs. I tried to copy the build script from CarbonEmacs, but to no avail. My attempts so far has always resulted in a binary that relies on the paths used at build time.)
>> Cheers,
>> Vincent Goulet
>> École d'actuariat, Université Laval
> Hi Vincent:
> It's nice that you spend your valuable time on these distros.  But, this
> packaging stuff can lead to all kinds of headaches.  I'd just stay away
> from Mac OS X for the moment.  Most Mac users have gotten used to 
> building from source by now (but God knows it is no fun downloading the 
> gargantuan blob of tools).  I'd focus on the Windows package since 
> Windows users more often lack those skills.  $0.02

Thanks for your comments, Rodney.

Back in the day, I started building my Windows distribution for my students. Nowadays, a good number of them have Macs and I can expect them to build from source. Hence the Mac distro. I'll see how the boat floats.



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