[ESS] More help problems with ESS on Windows

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Wed Oct 28 21:45:48 CET 2009

get me an empty buffer while running R 2.8.1 under Emacs and ESS from
Vincent Goulet's emacs-23.1-modified-3.exe (ess 5.5).  I'm on Windows

Last week I reported (to ess-help only) that I couldn't get help on S4
functions.  I recall that I could, at the time, get help on things in
the utils package.

This is odd, because update.packages is in utils, and this
week ?setMethod works fine.

Furthermore, if I launch R help from the Windows start menu, I can
navigate to help on update.packages by going through the utils package.

I also tried ?utils::update.packages, with the same lack of results.

I hear R 2.10 is out; maybe I should try an R upgrade.

Ross Boylan

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